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Anita is Sistahintheraw

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your reason and your common sense
-The Buddha 

Raw ‘Soul’ Food and Sistahintheraw is the creation of Anita McKenzie, an Holistic Raw and Living Food Life Style Teacher – Spiritual Counsellor – Interfaith Minister – Writer

Where My Life Started…
I believe that we can transform our life and health by focusing primarily on acquiring the tools we need to become truly healthy, wealthy, humble and wise, and by making this attainment our number one priority. This part of our life journey requires insight, healing and commitment.

I was born in London, UK to Indian and African Jamaican parents in the 1950’s. My mixed racial and cultural upbringing afforded me a wonderful masala of food flavours (African Caribbean, Indian and English). My mum was seriously into healthy ‘additions’ to our family diet and lifestyle, something that has rubbed off on me and which has evolved over my own life time. In 2009 I created Raw Soul Food and Sistahintheraw, which is a natural progression of my own health journey.

As a girl child, I had always dreamed of ‘ministering’ to people, by helping and supporting them wherever I could. My life took on that quality, with people often seeking me out and ‘opening up’ their hearts. I have worked in the non-profit sector in roles that have facilitated personal growth and advocacy for those in need of better health and living conditions. I studied Intercultural Therapy (non Western forms of healing) at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

As an immensely creative person, I also studied communications at Goldsmiths College. My work in the arts has enabled me to further explore wellbeing through numerous art project themes, using images and photography at establishments like the National Gallery and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Utilising images for personal growth and communicating that exploration, culminated in various art exhibitions, including having my work shown at the Bronx Museum of Art in New York. Now, I love that I can use these skills in various projects that enable individuals to explore personal themes for their life growth and transformation.

Rev. McKenzie with award

In 2003 also received the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners (EFBWBO) award for Arts and Culture and in 2004, I published a book featuring European vintage images of African and Asian heritage people, having set up the McKenzie Heritage Picture Archive in 1996.

This deeply connecting work has enabled my spiritual life to flourish and in 2006 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and qualified as an Interfaith Spiritual Counsellor.

When I survey my life journey, I can clearly see the many manifestations of service as a theme throughout my life; I feel divinely guided.

Great Teachers
My original exposure to raw plant-based food was on a mastery course led by Derin Bepo in London in 2008. I can say that it was definitely a game changer for me and from that point on my life goals for health, work and wellbeing took an about turn.

A 30 day juice fast, followed by 30 days on raw food only, was an immensely insightful experience, highlighting my acquired cooked food eating habits and my attitude towards my own health in general. It was at this point that I absolutely knew that I wanted and needed to share what I was learning with other’s. In the years that have followed, I have enjoyed the process of learning and sharing.

I am a certified Alissa Cohen (levels 1&2) raw food teacher and an NHS trained healthy eating teacher. I also have training and qualifications in plant-based nutrition, nutrition and health, transformative meditation, communications, spirit release therapy, Zen mediation, Interfaith spiritual counselling and intercultural therapy. I incorporate all that I learned into a unique approach for living an holistic, raw vegan, plant-based healthy lifestyle. I am an Holistic Healthy Lifestyle Consultant.

What is Raw Soul Food?
Raw Soul Food is the culmination of my love and flare for creating culturally inspired raw, plant-based food and promoting the lifestyle that it inspires.
Raw Soul Food is sustenance for our body, heart, mind and soul.
Raw Soul Food provides you with dynamic resources to support your intention to be healthier, happier and freer, NOW!

Doing The Work I Love…
I enjoy living my passions – which means sharing my learning and experiences with others to promote spiritual, psychological and health conscious growth and wellbeing. I know just how challenging any lifestyle change can be and so in order to facilitate on-going transformation, including my own, I accept my perfect imperfection as I learn how to be a living example, by learning how to serve and walking my talk.

My mission/ministry is to create spaces where hearts can open, healing and transformation can take place, and people can be empowered to live their best healthiest life, on purpose.

I do this by facilitating workshops and offering presentations, photo story-telling, writing, talk therapy, publishing, ceremony and ritual. I am committed to developing my own life-path too in this way as a healer, by utilising these tools for personal growth.

A cherished and fulfilling area of life interest and experience for me are techniques for practicing self-care, well-being and food; hence my work and passion is also about supporting people to achieve their goals for holistic health, whether that be through nutrition, creativity, spirituality and or psychologically. I believe wholeheartedly that we are reflections of each other and that we are all connected to each others well-being.

This personal philosophy has been deepened by my plant-based, raw and living food journey, creating a breath-taking framework for intentional living and healing. I hope to share many insights, recipes and news with you, as we journey together towards our goals for authentic wellbeing.

How may I serve?
I can work with you to help you transform your life through the raw and living foods lifestyle approach, to eat more consciously, nourish yourself from the inside, raise your energy vibration and to help attract more of life’s wonderful gifts.

Design: Leanne Armstrong

I offer raw and living food demonstrations, workshops, seminars and master classes for organisations, groups and individuals; healthy eating and lifestyle courses, talks and presentations, plus one-to-one wholistic raw and living food lifestyle guidance.

Please see the ‘Contact‘ page for getting in touch with me.

10 Sizzling Facts About Sistahintheraw…

1. I love to dance to salsa music, it’s my best exercise
2. I love to challenge myself physically, so this year (2016) I tried out zip lining in Jamaica, it was great fun
3. I am a qualified picture researcher
4. I set up the first picture library in the UK specialising in contemporary and historic images of African and Indian communities worldwide
5. I officiated the inaugural spiritual libation ceremony for the new Black Cultural Archives (BCA) in Brixton, London (2014)
6. I am a founding member of Healthy Habits, a multi-disciplinary health organisation in London.
7. I have over 12 years experience of facilitating Inter-generational arts projects with groups of elders and young people
8. I have been practising yoga for over 30 years
9. I am inspired by travel and have visited over 29 locations around the world
10. In September 2016, I will be realising one of my raw food dreams by visiting the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and undertaking the Health Educator Training Program.


Feedback from Sistahintheraw Raw Food Demo Classes and Facebook fans:

“Pleasant evening and I enjoyed all the information given and how the food was prepared. Like the courgette dish and pumpkin pie. Like to try it to help me health wise.” Pearl

“I liked the courgette noodle dish and inspiring. It’s nice to know that there are alternatives”

“I thoroughly enjoyed everything, it was very interesting, the food was absolutely delicious. Everything I tried I liked. I wish I knew more about it, so I can change my eating habits. I really liked your caramalised onions and butternut squash pudding and pate.” Andrea

“It was good and entertaining, very sophisticated. I will try it again. I loved the Baobab milkshake.”

I really enjoyed it all. I loved your caramalised onions, it’s a good snack. The dessert was lovely, not hard to make with the right equipment. I enjoyed everything I had. Interesting how you mixed fruit and vegetables together. Taught very clearly.” Sokari



10 thoughts on “Meet Sistahintheraw

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  3. I read your Bio and it sounds like the things I’ve been doing all of my life. My Grammah was a spiritual healer. I know that I’m guided by spirit I get confirmation . My family has been generational spiritual blessed. Im 60yrs old now and would love to be taught from people like yourself. I have so much that I would love to say. Because when I read your Bio my spirit open wide & I felt a strong connection, someone is just like me. Well thank you for allowing me to share. And would love to be involved with your organization. So I can be a greater help to others. …… stella

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