A Raw Plantain Salad

Green unripe and ripe plantains

Green unripe and ripe plantains

Although traditionally plantain is prepared by cooking (boiling, frying, baking etc); actually you can eat plantain raw. I must admit that I was dubious at first, but at the moment its a staple part of my diet.

You can slice it and dress with your favorite raw dressing, or season it with fresh herbs and mix it with green/spring onions, sweet peppers etc. I like to eat it with organic unpasturised cheese (not if you’re vegan) and raw hot pepper sauce on a green salad; or with a raw walnut pate. I find that the combination of sweet and savory are very complimentary.

A Raw Sweet Potato Salad
I love sweet potatoes raw, they’re really crunchy and versatile, good also in raw soups and as raw pasta!

You’ll need:

In a bowl put –
1 medium size sweet potato, peeled and diced
Spring onions, chopped
1 red sweet (bell) pepper, chopped

For Dressing, mix well together –
2 tbsp organic, cold pressed sesame oil
I tbsp organic almond paste/butter
1/2 tsp organic nama shoyu
1 tsp minced gingr
1 tsp agave
Chilli powder to taste

Combine all ingredients together and place sweet potato-pepper mixture on a bed of leaves and enjoy!

A Kale & Avocado Salad

This is one of my favourite raw dishes that has become a staple part of my diet, not only because it is delicious but also contains an incredible amount of nutrition. The added cayenne or chili pepper will certainly warm you up.

Serves 1
4-6 large handfuls of kale sliced very thinly
1 avocado
3 Tablespoon Oil
1 teaspoon Himalayan Crystal Salt
5 baby tomatoes
10 sun-dried tomatoes
½ lemon
Large pinch cayenne pepper OR ½ – 1 jalapeno pepper finely sliced

1. Chop kale into small pieces (this makes the fibrous cells break down and therefore more palatable, so the smaller you chop you better the taste).
2. Add oil and salt and massage into the kale until kale becomes wilted and soft.
3. Add avocado and massage again so each leaf is coated.
4. Chop tomatoes into quarters, add to kale.
5. Chop sun-dried tomatoes in small pieces and add to kale.
6. Squeeze lemon over entire dish
7. Add pinch of cayenne or your chopped chili and mix up well.
8. Serve and enjoy!
© 2009 Karen Knowler  The Raw Food Coach


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