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Priority #1 Your Self-Care with Sistahintheraw

Finding the right mentor for your raw and living food, plant-based journey, and for creating a healthier lifestyle, can make all the difference to your being empowered to sustain this life transformation process.

My mission/ministry is to work with you so that we can create together, a safe space where your heart can open, your healing and transformation can happen, and where you can become even more empowered to live your healthiest life on purpose.

I do this partly through offering mentoring, raw food and healthy eating workshops and offering presentations for you to attend, creating photo story-telling, writing articles and blog posts, providing talk-therapy, publishing, creating personalised ceremony and ritual work.

My work and passion is about supporting you to achieve your goals for wholistic health, whether that be through nutrition, creativity, spirituality and or psychologically. My focus is on developing suitable techniques for your practicing wholistic self-care and for you to achieve sustainable well-being.

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If you’ve been struggling to go or stay raw then today I’d like to share with you one small but potentially VERY powerful tip that could make all the difference.

As the title suggests, we’re talking about mentors here and to be clear this might be someone you actually work with or know, someone you learn from from afar via books, DVDs, podcasts etc, or someone who lives or has lived but you have never met and who greatly inspires you whether they have been prolific or not.

The power of having a great mentor, or mentors, cannot be overestimated. Usually people chosen as a mentor have a huge amount of experience in a particular area and totally walk the talk. They know as much about the lows as the highs, they know what they do inside out and when you think of them, see a picture of them or even meet them face to face they leave you feeling “wow”, effectively showing you that there is so much further to go on your journey and inspiring you just by their very presence that it is worth pursuing your journey so you can be like they are, too.

In general, I recommend that every person chooses a different mentor for every area of their life. For example you might choose one for any or all of these: raw food, fitness, relationships, parenting, finances, personal or spiritual development – the list goes on. What’s important is not that you choose a large number necessarily but that you choose the right ones for where you are right now and what really speaks to you and your desired goals or destination. Also know that as you evolve and progress in your own journey, your choice of mentor can and will change as you change – and that’s a good thing. This way things can never get stale.

Today we are talking specifically about choosing the right raw food mentor, or mentors, and you can choose them for different areas. For example you might choose one to be your food teacher, someone whose recipes you love, you love the way they are in their kitchen, how simple/ delicious/ quick/ artistic/ impressive/ nutritious their recipes are. It would be great to have one of these wouldn’t it? Well you can! You just need to be clear on your criteria first. While you could certainly choose more than one, I believe there is more power in singling one person out at a time and then giving full attention to learning from that person until you feel that you have outgrown them or what they teach is no longer relevant to you. This person could just as easily be a raw food friend as someone more high profile – that doesn’t matter. What matters is that they inspire you to go to the next level and beyond and that what they have to share really excites and moves you.

Then there is the area of health and radiance. Perhaps there is one person into raw food who for you totally embodies vibrant health in all its aspects. If you are a female you’re more likely to choose a female and vice versa, but this isn’t a given. Even if you’ve never met this person but believe or consider them to be incredibly vibrant, then find out more about them. What do they do differently to other people and other raw foodists? What are their secrets? What are their beliefs? Make it your mission to find these things out because the findings can be truly fascinating and potentially take your life in a number of exciting and lifechanging directions.

Next on the list could be fitness. While fitness is not necessarily on everybody’s raw food agenda, it really should be. In this instance you would choose someone who you know to be super fit to the level you aspire to be and/or maybe someone whose body you consider to be totally amazing (one that you’d love to have) and just by looking at their abs/ biceps/ flat tummy/ gorgeous legs you are inspired to get your butt to the gym or your feet to the road!

Although there are many other directions you can go here depending on what your own personal interests, values and priorities are (like peace, environment, veganism, weight loss, healing yourself of a particular condition or disease, spiritual inspiration, or even a raw business person), the final suggestion I am going to bring to the table is “all round great raw person!”. Is there one person who you just have fallen in love with in some way? (Not literally I hasten to add, although I guess you might!). Is there someone who embodies all of the things that you aspire to be that just by seeing them or seeing a photo of them you are massively inspired by who they are in a heartbeat and brought back to pursuing your journey and own limitless potential?

Chances are that as you read through these ideas one or some people are already jumping into your mind. Again, these may be people who aren’t famous in raw food, or they may even be deceased (Ann Wigmore or Norman Walker, pictured above, are two amazing individuals who spring to mind for me – it might even be the Essene Community of centuries ago). It doesn’t matter who you choose so long as you choose the right person or people for you. You have to really feel as if there is a big space between where you are and where they’re at (or you perceive they’re at), so that you have sufficient and abundant reasons to be inspired and a sense that there is still so much left to pursue, learn and transform into – with their help!

When you have chosen your one or more mentors, I highly recommend that you grab some card, scissors and glue and create yourself something we’ll call a Raw Mentor Vision Board (for more about vision boards and another FAB idea for one to create, click here). This will be incredibly powerful on many levels just in the actual creation of one but having it to look at every day can be even more powerful still as you’ll see in a moment.

To get started simply find pictures of your chosen people (on the web, out of books or magazines etc.), and perhaps some other pictures of things that you associate with them or “power words” that hit the spot and paste them onto your card in a way that really speaks to you. What you are aiming for here is a captivating pictorial reminder of these people and why they are so inspirational to you. You want them there by your side so you have that inspiration to draw on whenever you are lacking.

So why would we do this?

Because this kind of information often never makes it beyond the subconscious and therefore its power is limited. For example in the past you might have thought “Wow, she really looks great/ healthy/ fit” about a raw foodie you’ve met or seen, but it never became more than a thought. By bringing that thought to your conscious mind and taking it to the next level – such as “Why does she look great? What does she eat? How long has she been doing it? What other things contribute to her looking so great that aren’t about food?” and so on, you can then potentially open up doors that previously were not even visible.

As for the Raw Mentor Vision Board, well hopefully this speaks for itself. With something as inspiring and beautiful as this pinned somewhere in your home or kept in your bag or wallet you can use it for a number of purposes:

1) As a visual and inspiring reminder of who you’ve chosen and why
2) As inspiration to get reading one of their books, ask them some questions, get on their web site or whatever else feels like the next step
3) As a reminder that real people can become inspirational – and so can you!
4) To give you a sense of “I have so much further yet to go” which can actually be incredibly powerful as it can make you get out of comfort zones like nothing else (as in “wow, I’ve lost 6lbs but look at her, she lost 40!”) This can really be a wakeup call if you’ve been setting your sights too low.
5) And perhaps most useful of all: When you’re faced with a question or dilemma about your raw food journey, you can ask yourself “What would s/he do in this situation?” or “What would they say?” It is AMAZING how you get an answer that is likely to be way beyond what you might have come up with “alone” and yet it really does seem to have come straight from them as if by magic! (Try it, it’s very cool!)

And finally a powerful reminder: There is a popular saying in the personal development world “You become most like the five people you spend most of your time with” and I really do believe this to be true.

The good news is, you don’t have to physically be around these people. It doesn’t matter where they are on the planet. If you’re reading their books, watching them on YouTube or on a DVD, going to their events, reading their web site and so on, it’s entirely possible that at least one or two of those mentors could be one of those five people you spend most of your time with! Just think who you could become with one of those guys or gals almost permanently at your side!

© 2009 Karen Knowler

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  1. I have heard Dr Aris Latham mention in his interviews that potatoe is not a raw food. Apart from this, is there a website or somewhere I can look up the information which would inform me which ‘foods’ are not raw foods. Thank you.

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