Gifts, Gadgets and Black History Month

Hi Everyone, I’ve been sitting outside this afternoon enjoying the last of the autumn sunshine and watching the changes in light across a picture blue sky. I’m sipping on a fresh medicinal juice (ginger, cucumber and garlic and thyme) and while thinking, I have been reviewing a few summer highlights and moments that made me smile.

Apart from expanding my small-scale fresh food cultivation this year in my garden, I also received a couple of meaningful surprises to add interest to my growing collection of kitchen accessories. As you know, the framework for my food and wellbeing ministry (I’m also an Interfaith Minister), is creating a synergy between the Caribbean and Indian tastes of my heritage as an approach to raw food and wellbeing.

The first surprise came after I noticed a ‘giveaway’ on twitter being run by Vegan Nigerian along with Jubella, a lifestyle brand; the prize was an awesome Jubella Kitchen Set. So being Sistahintheraw, who loves pretty, functional and cultural kitchen and lifestyle accessories, I made a point of entering the competition.

Jubella reversible African-print apron.

Jubella reversible African-print apron.

Jubella London is the creation of Serina Durant, a Creative Director and Designer, who is a graduate of Fashion, Photography, Culture and Media from The University Of The Arts London. Her awesome kitchen collection is inspired by the laid back coastal lifestyle of West Africa, and Serina’s excellent eye for colour and detail is reflected in the style and design of the 100% cotton, aprons, oven gloves and pot holders range, featuring vibrant contemporary multi coloured African prints, with a sturdy design. So now you understand why I just had to enter and spread the word. I was ecstatic when I received messages alerting me that I had indeed won the competition and happy to receive the beautifully tissue wrapped set when it arrived. Needless to say I am really pleased to be the proud owner of a Jubella Kitchen Set, and it has been designated with a special status, for use in my class demo’s, classes and workshops and food photo’s…

My new kitchen accessories

My new kitchen accessories

The latest addition to my kitchen accessories collection, is a spoon holder from Trinidad, a gift from a friends travels this summer. Smallish and a little quaint looking, it’s got that kitsch feel that lends itself nicely to my teaching and food-photo opportunities, as well as being a reminder to me of a dear sister-friend, whenever I use it. All-in-all, gadgets can bring a touch of fun to performing kitchen tasks and eve some  laughter to live classes. It seems that I have been doing quite well with adding to my growing collection of gadgets and accessories, and so just wanted to share a couple of these new memories with you.

However though, I would love to know what your favourite kitchen accessories are and the memories attached to them? Do please share if you would like to.

So today it is the 1st October 2015 and the beginning of Black History Month (BHM) in the UK. I love BHM, it’s a great opportunity to publicly celebrate creativity, and for remembering and sharing everything joyful (and sometimes sorrowful) about Black culture, from our food, dance, art, attire and faith, to our numerous philosophies and achievements etc.

Drinking coconut water

Drinking coconut water

I am also very pleased to be taking part in a very new ‘Healthy Habits – Health, Heritage & Lifestyle‘ project being launched this month. It will be exploring the health needs local Black people through engaging and dynamic heritage processes.
Watch this space for updates…

One love
Sistahintheraw x



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