Raw Soul Food Ripening in June

Authentic Raw Soul Food - Winter & summer Cabbage growing in Sistahintheraw's garden

Authentic Raw Soul Food – Winter & summer Cabbage growing in Sistahintheraw’s garden

What I’m loving about my garden at this moment in June, is the abundance of natures plant power. Everything is blossoming and ripening! I’m relatively new to growing food, but it is a fact that it is  easier than I thought it would be (I also have great encouragement and support from my good friend Jenny Harrison).

For the past three years I have added a few more green goodies and I have been amazed at the results. There has been more than enough vegetables for me to utilise, and since my family is grown and have moved away from home, I have lots of produce to share with friends and family.

I’m impressed by these winter and summer cabbage leaves though…at first I was not sure how to use them, but I have plucked some of the lovely big leaves this morning to add to my green smoothie. I try to always keep my smoothies more on the green side, even though they contain fruit; that way I am minimising the amount of natural sugar and maximising the mount of chlorophyl I consume. I also add super nutrients like moringa leaf and baobab fruit powder for wide ranging antioxidant power, along with chia, hemp or flax for omega 3 and protein.

These winter and summer cabbage leaves can also be finely chopped and seasoned for your raw salad, or can be used for making vegetable wraps.

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as being green-fingered, this years garden crop includes purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, parsley, mint, courgette (zucchini), sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, nasturtium and strawberries. My new raspberry plants won’t yield any fruit until next summer.

Feeling blessed and giving thanks this June for the nourishment that is gifted by the plant power in my garden.

Happy Sunday,
One love… Sistahintheraw x


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