Aduna – Make Baobab Famous Campaign

Hey there Raw Fooder’s

You’ve heard me raving about the nutritional merits of baobab super food fruit powder from Africa, well this month especially, it’s been all about the Aduna’s campaign for promoting African baobab fruit powder. I’ve been supporting Aduna in their bid to win Virgins Pitch to Rich! You can vote for them here. It only takes about 10 seconds to vote and as Aduna are now semi finalists with a real chance of winning, every vote counts! Remember to verify your vote by using the email you will be sent by Virgin media (in the last round they lost c30% of votes this way. Many go into spam)

  • Share using the social media buttons on the voting page
  • Edit and forward this message on to anyone else you know who is passionate about Africa’s contribution to health and wellbeing

If you want to find out more about what inspires individuals to support rural African baobab producers and suppliers to gain a global presence in the quest for their contribution to our wellbeing, you can read my earlier post and do also watch these two beautiful inspiring video’s….

1. Aduna Make Baobab Famous

2. One Rural Household” – Why we should Make Baobab Famous

I’m proud to say that Sistahintheraw is in the first video (as herself, wellbeing warrior Anita), helping Aduna to ‪spread baobab love‬, please vote for Aduna to win. It’s getting exciting, less than 24 hours left to vote for Aduna’s campaign to MakeBaobabFamous! (Voting ends on Tuesday 16th June).

One love blessings as always,
Sistahintheraw (the ‘wellbeing warrior’!) x

p.s if you forward your verification email to Andrew has said they will enter you into the competition for a year’s free supply of baobab!


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