Raw Festive Treats

Raw Festive Treats copy Traditional holiday’s can be a real challenge if you are a healthy eater who doesn’t like to over-indulge. As we enter the festive season,  you may be thinking about how you can survive the merriment on a raw food diet – or even on a just a healthy diet…

You can start getting prepared by taking a few easy precautions and planning, here are a few ideas:

– Eat your fill before going out to party, so you won’t be tempted to transgress due to hunger.
– Stock up on ingredients for nut milks, super foods and dried goods etc, a few weeks before the holiday season slows down purchasing access, especially if your waiting for deliveries from on-line purchases.
– Have a couple of food prep days, where you make dehydrated snack foods like crackers, fruit leathers, cookies etc.
 Take the pressure off, try not to judge yourself or anyone else for their food choices during the holidays. If you’re tempted, forgive yourself!
– Plan to make your most fave raw food dishes to keep you satisfied and happy. Better still, create a weekly menu and stick to it.
– Take your own food if you’re going to eat away from home and check with your host’s first. At least take a delicious salad dressing, and or a raw dish to share.

These days there are lots of great free raw food recipes on the internet (check out my Facebook page) for you to explore, so do some research for raw virgin cocktails, sumptuous dressings, dips and sauces, decadent desserts and feast type salads.

Raw mince pies are an alternative to wheat and are dairy free. They are absolutely delicious and taste better than what you are used to… Do you remember in 2011 when Gina Yashere (award winning, world class comedienne), served up a raw food Christmas meal for her colleagues for her appearance on the ‘Come Dine with Me’ Christmas special (Channel 4)? The raw mince pie’s went down a real treat!

If you’re local, you are invited to sample my lovely, tasty raw mince pies with a glass of fermented sorrel. I’ll be showing you how to make them, taking orders and giving you the recipes. This is a small class, so book early, here: http://ow.ly/ElUee.

In the meantime,
Love the life you live!
Sistahintheraw x


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