21 Days!

Mind, Body, Spirit Components! ©Anita McKenzie

Mind, Body, Spirit Components! Health Restore detox and nutritional support products, fresh green juices & spiritual practice… © Photo Anita McKenzie

Twenty one days ago, I started a juice fast to improve my health, which had started to deteriorate due to a long period of unhealthy nutritional choices made from the impact of grief and stress, (I wrote about this in my previous post) In addition to the fast, I began the Health Restore Life Change Programme. At the start of the programme I underwent three separate health scans to determine the extent of my health issues, I then started on an intense regime of Heath Restore herbals designed to detox and nutritionally support my system. A daily Mega Detox bitters, bowel cleansers and conditioner, multi vitamins and minerals and a hormone balancer.

After the first week of fasting and detox, I noticed several changes brought about by the Health Restore herbal mixtures, I started sleeping more soundly with uninterrupted nights, my headaches disappeared, hot flushes significantly reduced and my blood pressure became more stabilized. I am so grateful and these wonderful benefits have continued to be the case throughout the fast.

At one point though, I did also experience a couple of healing crisis’s, when the left side of my face suddenly becoming sore and very swollen, then disappearing after a few days without intervention. I also experienced severe fatigue at one point, which was a signal for me to take it easy and rest more.

At first, I hadn’t realised that I couldn’t just carry on as usual, by keeping up a life pace that included multi layered activity. As I allowed myself to slow down and to connect to my own rhythm, an unexpected calmness descended into my sense of self and I found that I settled more easily into the flow of taking care of myself, I did this through meaningful reading, sitting in the sunshine and nurturing my emotional and physical needs.

Psychologically, not eating has not been the on-going challenge I expected it would be. I started off feeling worried that I might feel an on-going sense of intense hunger, but luckily I am experienced with intermittent fasting, so I knew what to expect and how to handle it. Nonetheless although it went well, I did have a couple of days when I had a strong craving for cooked food, which was almost overpowering. I would drink whenever the need arose, either a fresh green juice, water or a non-fruit herbal tea. In general, I have lost one stone in weight, 3 inches off my waist, and a further inches off my hips.

Spiritually I have had much valued time to deepen my spiritual practice by connecting more internally through prayer and meditation. I feel lighter, calmer and more rooted in my understanding of my responsibility for my own wellbeing; and I give thanks for this time of guidance.

I look forward to continuing benefits as I take the next steps with the fantastic Health Restore Life Change Programme for a further two months, along with a new body movement regime; so look out for my updates coming up soon…

Thank you all for all your wonderful loving messages of support.

One Love blessings,
Sistahintheraw x


One thought on “21 Days!

  1. I deeply moving and honest post. Thank you for your strength. I wish you love and peace. Comfort and healing. I’m sorry for your pain. I’m sorry for your families loss. Take flight in your cleanse and I wish you all the best for the return to yourself.

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