A Festive ‘Rawsome’ Time?

December is just around the corner and many of us will be thinking about how we are going to celebrate the festive season. If you have been exploring a raw food lifestyle for a while, you will know that just like finding suitable places to eat out, eating in, at gatherings, family events and seasonal celebrations can present us numerous food choice challenges and temptations, about how and what we want to eat to stay healthy.

Traditionally this time of year offers the opportunity to create special food treats for our loved ones and favorite people; it’s a time when we can show off a bit of our rawsome food know how, to wow those with health taste-buds that match our own.

A couple of years ago I created a raw 3-course Christmas menu for the internationally acclaimed comedian Gina Yashere’s appearance on the ever-popular ‘Come Dine with Me’ Christmas Special TV programme on Channel4. A great menu, which included Christmas cocktails! So if you were wondering what you could offer your guests and family, this as a really easy menu to follow (see the link below), which I can also teach you how to make.

It’s best not to make a big deal about your meal being raw, but just to let your guests know in advance that you will be creating a special alternative to conventional expectation, just because they too are special people to you. Make sure you that provide a well-presented meal, full of variety, tastes and colour; that it is not served cold straight from the fridge, except possibly for the dessert option you may choose to make.

There are so many lovely rawsome examples for you to choose from, things like stuffed mushrooms, cranberry relish, un-turkey loaf, hearty holiday stuffing and festive mince pies (all raw of course)! The Internet is abundant with wonderful free recipe offerings for you to download and you can certainly find the recipes I used on the Chanel4 website.

At this time of year, my usual raw food demonstration class (next one on 7th December) will provide you with lovely easy examples of dishes you can incorporate into your seasonal menu. You usually get to eat everything that I prepare and off course I will demonstrate how to make delicious raw mince pies!

The most important thing to remember is that however you intend to approach the end of year season, with it’s many cultural and religious celebrations, the raw food lifestyle offers you an ongoing opportunity to achieve wellbeing through your personal choices. It’s about the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet, complemented by physical exercise and positive thinking, is the optimum lifestyle for health and longevity. So may I begin to wish you a wonderfully happy, hearty. rawsome, up-coming festive season!

One Love

Sistahintheraw creating raw food with Gina Yashere.  Photo ©Daniel McKenzie-Cossou

Sistahintheraw creating raw food with Gina Yashere.
Photo ©Daniel McKenzie-Cossou








Book for the next class, ‘Spirit n’ Spice’ on 7th December 2013:

Channel4 (Series 24, Episode 30, Comedians Christmas Special) www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/tv-show/come-dine-with-me-recipes/series-10/raw-spicy-caribbean-balls-recipe

Watch episode (Series 24, Episode 30, Comedians Christmas Special) again: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/come-dine-with-me/4od#3300669

All about Raw Soul Food: https://sistahintheraw.wordpress.com

Get free Recipes: www.rawsoulfood.co.uk

How to spice up your raw food with this eGuide from the shop on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Sistahintheraw

© Anita McKenzie – Sistahintheraw

A special 2-part class and workshop with Sistahintheraw, book now for both or either!

A special 2-part class and workshop with Sistahintheraw, book now for both or either!


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