Make Your Raw Food Tasty!

Have you ever wondered about how to jazz up your raw food dishes? I often get asked about whether raw food has to be only bland and tasteless salads? Well, I usually answer by advising that it’s all about the kinds of seasonings you choose to use; so much so, that I’ve written an introductory guide on how you can do this in a ‘raw soul food kind of way’.

Visit the Sistahintheraw Facebook page to buy the guide!

Visit the Sistahintheraw Facebook page to buy the guide!

‘Making Raw Food Tasty’ is an amazing, first ever guide, which introduces you to some of the ingredients that African, Caribbean and Indian communities approach flavouring food, and I’m calling these raw seasoning combinations for flavouring raw food, ‘the raw soul food way’!

The way in which we approach combining herbs and spices is often influenced by our community culture of origin and any training we get in the home, or other domestic environment. In this guide, I share with you, three easy and distinct cultural flavouring styles from the Caribbean, India and West Africa, along with recipes and nutritional information. This is a great invitation for you to play and experiment with different ingredients in order to spice up your raw food dishes.

How to buy your copy the guide:
For the present, you can use the ‘Store’ link at the top of my Facebook page. It works from a laptop and desk top computer (and not if you are using a mobile device like a phone or a iPad)

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