Raw Food, Culture and Self Love…

Ma taught me about food

Ma taught me about food

My mother taught me about food, I mean about the important role that food has to play as a ritual part of family and community bonding. She loved to cook, and at every opportunity, she would bring her Jamaican Indian, girlhood stories about food, into our  family food preparation gatherings.

Mum came from a long line of great cooks and she also taught me about the importance of sharing in the experience of being one of a gang of knowledgeable Indian women, who would come together to joyfully prepare food for family and social events. Also, about how to “share” out food appropriately; which in large families, took on great significance to ensure that everyone would get their share! My mother took great pride in teaching me what little hindi she’d been taught for the names of Indian herbs and spices, for creating perfectly tasty dahl and curry dishes.

With my main nurturer being an Indian mother, married to an African Caribbean father, both coming from Jamaica, I learnt a wonderful blend of African Caribbean and Indian approaches to preparing meals. This was mostly taught through unique combinations for seasoning and marinating dishes. Creatively applying this approach to infuse raw living food, has been my chosen style for creating enzyme-rich combinations using some of our traditional foods.

However what you have inherited in terms of culture, faith and experience informs your approach to how well you choose to treat yourself and others through life. It affects your choices, including what you choose to eat. Making a conscious choice to unlearn unhealthy eating patterns is always available to you.

Whilst valuing what you were taught in your early life about the connections between food, family, culture and community, it is important to understand that those identities do not have to remain static. The life process lends you many opportunities to learn and to evolve, making you more capable of recognising the necessity for unlearning and healing outdated and unhealthy lifestyle and eating practices.

Making your holistic health your number 1 priority will be the greatest of gifts. The raw food lifestyle is a beautiful opportunity for you to open to the nurturing and healing energies of nature and humanity. It is a process that will take you into areas of the unfamiliar, where your learnt identities will be challenged and where you can begin to think differently about how you see yourself. It will offer you connection with your true identity as a being of love, rather than holding onto the familiar comfort zones that often stem from a point of fear of love. With this perspective, comes a compassionate broadening of your worldview, attitude and behaviour.

Through a raw food lifestyle you can learn to respond to the divinity within you, recognising that heaven is waiting to be found hidden in your heart!

Love and blessings always
Sistahintheraw x

p.s A Homage to my mothers  http://www.socialhistoryhub.com/anita


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