The Healing Power of Juicing

Sistahintheraw and Joe Cross, Odeon, Leicester Square, London

Sistahintheraw and Joe Cross, Odeon, Leicester Square, London

Yes indeed, I do totally believe in the healing power of juicing. I was reminded of this last night when I went to the UK premier screening of the documentary film ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead‘ in Leicester Square, London.

The title doesn’t really give you the full story, it’s about Joe Cross’s 60 day juice fast and his journey to recovery, better health and fitness. Its a compelling story and you don’t have to be a raw foodist to appreciate the messages it conveys.

In my early days of exploring raw food, I undertook a 30 day juice fast, whilst working full time and cooking family meals. Needless to say for the first week or so, it was a complete challenge and I was also plagued with cravings for cooked food throughout it, but the benefits, oh the benefits…

When I look back on it (it was a few years ago and I still fast regularly now), it was quite an achievement. My energy levels rocketed, I felt like a 30 year old, which is quite a thing when you are feeling tired and unwell in your 50’s! My skin and eyes began to glow and my age foggy thought processes became clearer and more alert. I  dropped two dress sizes and everyone around me (including me) was stunned.

For myself, I prefer very green juices, simply because of the almost instant energy it gives me, coming straight from the pure chlorophyl it contains. Chlorophyl is the green pigment in plant leaves and it’s juice is very close in chemistry to human blood, which is of course where the sun energy (via photosynthesis), is stored in live green plant food.

While travelling across America in the film, Joe Cross meets Phil, a truck driver who also undertakes a juice fast with great success. Phil then becomes an inspiration to and supporter of other fasters in his community. Here’s the link for Phil’s Mean Green Juice recipe for you to try.

Watch out for the film which is due to be screened on Channel 5 (UK) next Wednesday  (10th July) evening. Also, follow the advice about starting a juice fast, if you have a pre-existing health condition and are currently taking medication.

You can also check my Facebook page for regular juice recipes, or come and learn more about juicing and live raw plant food in general, in my classes (check on the ‘news‘ page).

One Love
Sistahintheraw x


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