Your Life in Balance…

Create balance and perfect alignment © Sistahintheraw

Create balance and perfect holistic personal alignment © Sistahintheraw

It’s been a busy week, yet I’ve been exploring the meaning of ‘alignment’ and what that means for me personally each day, whether it’s through my choices in nutrition, spirituality as practiced and, or my physical wellbeing.

There are many ‘tools’ available for us to draw upon in order to develop and maintain a sense of balance; they come in the form of daily practices, which we can use to help us stay aligned and steady as we go about our daily tasks and tackle the many demands and challenges that may present to us.

From the moment we wake up in the morning, we are faced with a multitude of choices that we could make: whether to get up straight away, or say a silent prayer of gratitude for another day; whether to drink water or have a juice instead; or, to sit in meditation before work etc etc. Bringing mindfulness to our daily processes can help to keep us stay in the moment and deepen our understanding of why we make the choices we do and how once made, these choices do affect the quality of our sense of personal alignment, happiness and wellbeing.

However, personal alignment will mean different things to each of us; and at a deeper level for me right now, it’s about being in flow with my true calling in the world and my path to true optimum wellbeing and happiness… For example, thinking about what we’re going to eat before we’re ready to eat, can give us time to access our goals for health and bring our nutritional choices into alignment with a sense of balance and overall wellbeing. In so doing, we always give ourselves the opportunity to plan realistically for our best nutritional needs.

My personal formula for maintaining a sense of wellbeing and balance right now, so that I can stay ‘aligned’ to my true purpose, is to draw on the tools of my nutritional knowledge for making sure that I’ve shopped for healthy life-sustaining foods, so that they are available to me WHENEVER I need them, at home and so that I can take out with me daily. It’s about making time for reflection, either through meditation or just quiet time and in addition to being on my feet all day, making time for stretching or yoga and loving the physical workout I get from dancing! It’s also about my personal and professional development through having a personal coach, plus having a wonderful, very select group of individuals around me in my support network, that have a strong sense integrity and compassion, as ‘pillars’ of that network. These practices take to develop and after a time will also need tweaking accordingly, so give yourself time.

Think about the tools you use on a daily basis for maintaining a sense of health and happiness…what are they, or do you need to cultivate some new life enhancing tools?

Have a lovely Saturday.
© Sistahintheraw x


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