Winter Raw

Depending on where you are in the world, facing a raw food lifestyle in winter can at times appear daunting and understandably so…

However although it’s one thing to be a raw foodist in the Caribbean, it’s quite another thing to be raw in the UK. In some communities, the tradition of using warming herbs and spices in food preparation has been around for a long time and this is one way to approach feeding your inner body fire and for keeping your blood circulation in check in colder weather. We can cultivate or transfer these skills to our raw food lifestyle and achieve an acceptable balance for remaining comfortable and raw when the weather turns chilly.

My last raw food class (26th Jan 2013) was a great success, (see comments on the news page in the January 2013 section) with some group members traveling in from out of town to join the fun. I’d billed the class as one of my “raw food basic’s” classes, but have since realised that it was actually not a beginner level class at all…I too am learning continuously!

During the session we looked at the warming herbs and spices that can be used in your dishes during colder weather to help warm you from the inside; with the reminder that great nutrition is only part of the story, you’ve got to get moving physically too. I also provided the group with a useful list of 15 Sistahintheraw-Winter-Raw-Food-basic’s tips, like:

No 1:  Eat Warm Food, Not Cold Food. Raw food doesn’t mean cold food. Don’t use food straight from the fridge if possible. Take out in good time and leave to reach room temperature beforehand.

No 7: Ensure that you undertake some kind of body movement everyday, like walking, yoga, cycling etc. This will get your blood circulation moving, helping to warm you up from the inside. 

All the recipes I demonstrated (like ‘escovitch’ vegetables, recipe coming soon), contributed to the delicious feast we shared together to end the session. My next class, Getting Started with Raw Food, will be held on 23rd February  2013

warm on raw


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