Caribbean Raw Food Flavours

Have you been following a vegetarian, vegan or raw food health-style, or are you interested in finding out more? If so, this is the space for you. Each of these posts will cover themes about natural African Caribbean and Indian foods of which we can happily consume for our health and well-being.

I’ve been canvassing people for their thoughts about their relationship to tropical fruit, veg, herbs and spices and hope to bring you some tasty opinions over coming weeks.

You may be aware that currently, there is also a quiet health food revolution happening around the world, it’s the re-emergence of ancient ways of food consumption, which is also considered by some, as  a ‘still new’ and contemporary next-step-up to eating for healthy – the raw, living food life-style.

The Caribbean is of course no exception to this blossoming health food trend, with raw food eateries having already been established in Barbados and Jamaica, that I’m aware of, (there may be others, do let me know).

With its tropical climate, the Caribbean is an ideal place to re-discover the health benefits of what raw and living food has to offer for health and longevity. The many colourful markets, with their wonderful aromas, offering fresh, local fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, are the fundamental, earth resources that provide a plethora of health benefits.

So, what are ‘raw living food diets’ all about? Basically raw living food diet offer us the opportunity, for the body to reap the benefits of a full spectrum of enzymes and nutrients contained in fresh, fully ripened, living organic foods, that have not been destroyed by the process of heating, cooking or toxic food cultivation methods.

This is the fundamental difference to all other health food regimes. That said, there have been decades of studies which clearly show that eating primarily fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds (in vegetarian diets), is associated with the reduced health risks of chronic diseases and reversal of others, like heart disease.

You may not have been aware of which foods it’s safe to eat raw, like plantain or chou chou (christophine), but more about that later and please view the recipe pages for other ideas.

A living and raw food health style also includes positive thinking and movement (exercise), which together can enable us to reach our fullest potential of well-being as human beings. The biological and physiological benefits of this health style, assist in our psychological, physical, and spiritual growth and development, with healing that can result in complete health and harmony of mind and spirit.

Tehuti, president of the Vegetarian Society of Jamaica, says  
“At one stage, for a period of three years, I ate nothing but absolutely living foods. And there’s no question in my mind that the diet of the future, the eating pattern of the future, has got to be one that will focus on living foods simply because of how it revolutionises your health and brings you back to yourself.


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