Transitioning to Raw Food

Transitioning to a raw food health style is probably best approached as a step by step process. For some of us the transition can take years, while a few others may just seem to sail through relatively easily.

I’ve found that some teachers will advise you to go for 100% straight off, while others are more cautious. The percentages can differ depending on the particular training and experience of the teacher.

How we fare also depends on our lifestyle before we start transitioning, on whether we were vegan or meat eaters etc. our gender and our age and general well being at transition. This is a stage where having the support of a raw food coach can be particularly helpful.

For instance, on a raw food course I attended recently, it was stated that “while Transitioning to a raw food diet it is vital that you include a good digestive enzyme supplement.” — Elements of Health, by Soaring Free Super Foods.

One website tells us about some of the unpleasant (detox) symptoms that can occur when you decide to change your diet and improve your health, stating that “A splitting headache, chills, nausea, a dripping nose, increased body odor, reappearance of old aches and pains, rashes, boils, drastic weight loss—all the symptoms that can shake the faith of the most sincere health seeker.”

Without proper understanding or support, you could panic at these symptoms and believe your new diet or way of life is the cause of them. You might revert to your old unhealthy practices because you became afraid.

Below are links to some useful articles about raw food transitioning, they will enable you to cross reference your current understanding. Although again, it is important to use the information to gain experience and see what works best for your unique needs.

A note, those of us that are transitioning from African, Caribbean and/or Indian heritage diets, we have particular dietary needs, look out for a forthcoming post.


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